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Oceanscape Pools
Oceanscape Pools

The Oceanscape Process

Once your pool plans have been approved by your Local Council, the shape of your new pool will be marked out. Once this has been done, excavation can begin.

When excavation is complete, formwork will be erected, along with steel bars to reinforce the pool structure. Pre-plumbing also occurs at this stage.

Concrete sprayed by specialist tradespeople is then applied and formed into the desired shape. After the concrete has cured, your waterline tiles and coping will be applied. Filtration systems and equipment are also installed at this point.

Your chosen interior surface is then sprayed to the pool. Once this has cured, an acid wash is applied before the pool is filled with water.

If you have also chosen a solar or gas heating system, this will usually be installed after the pool has been filled.

You will receive an in-person handover from Oceanscape, where you will be shown how to maintain you pool and use the filtration and heating systems (if applicable).

Oceanscape Pools